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Freelance Tech Lead and iOS developer from Tallinn, Estonia. Tech guy by day. Musician and an artist by night. Sometimes vice versa.

While there’s plenty of stories that go around about successes in a startup world, stories on failure are much harder to come by. This is understandable, as the good news is easier to share than to admit that we have failed. This is a story of “hINF”, short for “Health Information”, a startup from Tallinn, Estonia with a mission to innovate healthcare industry by enabling patients to visit their official medical doctors digitally.

So after three years of blood, sweat and tears, we at hINF have decided to stop our business. The following article serves as a closure and a…

Comparison of Jenkins, CircleCI and Bitrise for an iOS Project CI Solution
Comparison of Jenkins, CircleCI and Bitrise for an iOS Project CI Solution

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching, setting up and comparing Continuous Integration systems for an Xcode iOS Development project.
This article is about this journey and a subjective comparison between three major CI/CD solutions; Jenkins, CircleCI and Bitrise.

What is Continuous Integration (CI)

There are different types of releases a software developers must do when new features are being developed or bugs are fixed. Each release is mostly the same software with a difference of release frequency and/or target audience.

The main types of releases of a software product typically are as follows:

  • internal testing release (~daily)
  • company-wide internal release (~every week)

I love to animate written in Procreate iPad app
I love to animate written in Procreate iPad app
Animating in Procreate iPad app

There is something magical about animating and making things move. When an object changes in time it feels like it’s almost alive. We don’t often notice, but animations are everywhere, from children’s cartoons to our favourite computer software and mobile app.

Animation can be fun, expressive way to tell a story or draw attention to something. But it’s also a handy and important tool when UX designers create software and apps. In software development, animation can educate users, give feedback on interactive items and provide information on what is happening behind the scenes.

No matter what is it’s used for…

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The whole world has suddenly come to a point where working remotely must become a standard way of doing business. This means a lot of you have been dropped to an unknown territory and have to navigate as a remote professional or a leader of a remote team.

While I think remote specialists and experts will easily adapt to the new situation, team leads and managers will probably feel most out of place.

In the near future, a lot will have to change in the way we manage projects, lead teams and do the work.

I currently see a lot…

As an iOS app programmer I bump into this question from time to time. It’s understandable, as people are interested in money involved when they get the next million dollar idea in their head.

Apps come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s actually a rather difficult question to answer. In this article I’ll try to explain the logic I use when estimating a software development budget and will try to give you some pointers how to come up with a rough estimate about your own idea all by yourself.

First I’ll try to give a brief overview of the…

On the brink of insanity. No connection with people, extreme anxiety and panic attacks, vertigo, desperation, low self esteem and depression. That is how I felt when I went through burnout two years ago. I was in a deep hole. Until an unconventional illegal drug experience helped me turn my life around and I started to feel again.

Me during difficult times, around 10kg heavier, depressed.

I’m following software developers on social media and many have their own stories with burnout, anxiety and depression. We can call these psychological issues the dark side of our profession. …

The president of my country tweeted about remote work today and as an off-site freelance iOS developer, that made me think of how does it work for me.

The tweet was as follows:

Work is not somewhere you go, it’s something you do. — Kersti Kaljulaid

Each app is different. So is it’s launch. App launch is such an important moment in app life cycle that it’s best if you go through all the checklists and notes you find from the web.

I thought I’d share my insights and notes I’ve jotted down during my app launches.

First of all, let’s assume you’ve got a cool app in the works. It’s already working great and you want to submit it to Apple App Store. That’s good news, however, it would be good to sit down now and think of how you will launch it.

App launch…

Developing an app has become a cool thing to do for businesses. It reminds me of the days when everyone had to have a website. While everyone truly has to have a website, it’s not the case with smartphone apps. Many times a responsive website will do.

It seems that any app can become successful on the market today. The opportunities to go viral are high. While this is true, I believe there still should be a rational thought that would motivate us to build an app. …

When it comes to the world of apps it’s quite common that people value their ideas. It is okay to cherish your idea of a perfect business venture and a technological innovation, but in reality a good idea counts for a tiny percentage in success. Especially when it comes to developing the next Instagram or Whatsapp.

Collective Consciousness

There’s a strange thing about ideas. When you get that spark in your forehead and you come up with something that’s so groundbreaking and crazy and you think it’ll just work, the chances are there are quite many people having the same idea at…

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