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Freelance Tech Lead and iOS developer from Tallinn, Estonia. Tech guy by day. Musician and an artist by night. Sometimes vice versa.


  • Silvan Daehn

    Silvan Daehn

    iOS Developer based in Berlin, Germany.

  • Josh Mountain

    Josh Mountain

    I write code for the web with @User10. Working daily with @Laravel and exploring crypto in my free time. #yesphx

  • Applingua


    Applingua provides translations for growing tech companies that offer products and services internationally

  • İlyas Yavuz

    İlyas Yavuz

    iOS Developer (Objective-C, Swift). Istanbul, Turkey

  • PKCLsoft


    I'm an independent software developer that writes software for iOS and Mac.

  • Karim Heredia

    Karim Heredia


  • Nikhil Nigade

    Nikhil Nigade

    Interaction & Product Designer by day, Dev Ops by night. I believe in #Flickr and #digg.

  • Slaven Beram

    Slaven Beram

    Designer, coder, blogger, foodie, vegan.

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