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In the near future, a lot will have to change in the way we manage projects, lead teams and do the work.

Remote is not for everyone

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New role and responsibilities

In a nutshell, the new mindset will be that people in your team will now become professional service people.

New setup for work

Forget office hours

If you’re trying to enforce 9 to 5 schedule, you’re doing it wrong.


Trust your team and let your team trust you.


Handle your anxieties before they’ll mess up the chemistry in your team.

Learn to text chat


Say “thank you” and “great work” more often than not.

No more scheduled meetings

Stop holding scheduled meetings.

Future of work

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We will see the world where work will be organically blended into peoples lives and will not be switched on/off every day.

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Freelance Tech Lead and iOS developer from Tallinn, Estonia. Tech guy by day. Musician and an artist by night. Sometimes vice versa.

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