Developing an app has become a cool thing to do for businesses. It reminds me of the days when everyone had to have a website. While everyone truly has to have a website, it’s not the case with smartphone apps. Many times a responsive website will do.

It seems that any app can become successful on the market today. The opportunities to go viral are high. While this is true, I believe there still should be a rational thought that would motivate us to build an app.
I will try to list some of the ideas, what could an app do to increase sales.

Apps can be marketed globally. This means global audience is only an app launch away. Never before has it been possible to compete so easily with everyone in the world. Each app producer has an equal chance of making it. No matter how big or small he is.

Apps can provide additional income. If you have an idea how an app can provide value to it’s users, it might be a marketable product itself. Hence it will provide additional income.

So if you’re interested in diversifying your business, building an app might be a way to go. Apps can be sold on App Store, have in app purchases (IAP) or get income by displaying advertisements.

Apps can be extremely good for marketing purposes. You could consider them as an interactive banners in your customers pocket. Icon with your business logo could already be a great little thing to remind people of your existence. Even better if they use the app to learn about your products and services.

Also the exposure an app usually gets on App Store is much higher than on search engines. Chances to go viral are much higher.

E-commerce apps can also act as a convenient personal point of sale. It’s a great way to sell your goods or services in such a personal device. You can also target the sales pitch to a moment when you think the user actually would need your product.

So, while building e-commerce solutions, mostly a responsive web is a good way to go, but apps can be built smarter to sell your products.

Markets tend to stagnate over time. Certain ways of doing business will become a standard. On such conditions, the big will get bigger and small will struggle. The smaller companies should find ways to break through and become high rollers. Big companies are slow to react on such things.

Building an app to break the status quo might sometimes be a smart decision. With smartphone penetration we see today, app could might as well be a breakthrough small businesses have been waiting for.

Apps can make a product or a service stronger. They could include instructions on how to use your product through augmented reality. Your products could be controllable with an app. Internet of things is an important buzzword nowadays. They could provide a supportive functionality to your products. Also a help desk and a possibility to give feedback and so on.

Apps can be a great to increase customer satisfaction.

Apps can be there to understand customers better. When do they use your products? How did they end up buying it? What help do they need to use a product? Analytics you can get through app usage statistics might be an important value to your business itself.

Build it and they will come

There are many more arguments to build an app. It might be useful to check your business idea to see if and how can each of the items mentioned above help to sell your products and services more efficiently. If you still think an app can heighten your income then you should build it and they will come.

Freelance Tech Lead and iOS developer from Tallinn, Estonia. Tech guy by day. Musician and an artist by night. Sometimes vice versa.

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